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Got my vaccine invitation from the state... I don't vote, but somehow I need the state to provide me this vaccine so I can fuck off out of this country. Oh the dissonance.

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I saw this video being shared and found it very interesting.

The Psychology of Collapse

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> In practice,however, wealth—and therefore capital income—in Germany is extremely concentrated. On average, Germans are richer than almost anyone else in Europe. The average German is about 50 percent richer than the average Italian and twice as wealthy as the average Spaniard. The distribution of wealth is so unequal in Germany, however, that the median German household is far poorer than the median Spanish household and only about as wealthy as the median Greek or Polish household. According to a comprehensive survey by the European Central Bank, Germans on lower incomes have less net wealth, in absolute terms, than low-income Estonians and Hungarians. Many Germans either have no assets at all or owe debts greater than the assets they do own.
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1 pound of coal to create, package, store and move 2 megabytes of data 😱

Tiktok sure has a strict vetting program for allowing developer access to their API. I've circumvented it for now by just scraping the website, although it's been tough since it's all JS lazy loading.

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Has anyone ever run a self-hosting co-op?

Running a few services you share with others, where they contribute either monetarily or with their own time for maintenance. Any money given is held in trust, and used for the benefit of the co-op.

I think this would work well especially for smaller sites where it doesn’t make sense to self-host things like analytics, but they could be shared across many individuals.
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i've been on fedi nearly three years now and for all its flaws, it's one of the most 'my-kind-of-people' places i've ever spent time online.

also, it's become difficult to imagine trying to nurture any meaningful conviviality or community in a medium driven and constantly interrupted by advertising.

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Really loving my GMMK keyboard. Have it for a month now and it's brilliant. I never thought I would get used to the awkward arrow keys but here we are.

Only downside I can think of is that it might be a bit heavy for lugging around, but I'll gladly suck it up.

A meeting of our team with a scrum consultant today had high quackery levels. Is Scrum Master the new Life Coach?

API's replacing null datetimes with timestamps pointing to the year 55320 are evil.

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Your password should include

- 1 lowercase letter
- 2 bits of punctuation
- 3 unprintables
- 4 spoilers for a running show
- 5 digits of pi
- 6 mystery characters
- 7 up
- 8 9s
- 9 pieces of wisdom
- 10 minute pauses
- 11 pronounced by a scot
- 12 elves

and a partridge in a pear tree

Tbf In that quote Bakunin referenced the rapper Sole who stated:

The phrases 'free' and 'friend' are linked / Its root means 'to be free' and 'have ties' / A shared power that grows, selfless / Means I’m only free if everyone else is

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