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Tiktok sure has a strict vetting program for allowing developer access to their API. I've circumvented it for now by just scraping the website, although it's been tough since it's all JS lazy loading.

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Has anyone ever run a self-hosting co-op?

Running a few services you share with others, where they contribute either monetarily or with their own time for maintenance. Any money given is held in trust, and used for the benefit of the co-op.

I think this would work well especially for smaller sites where it doesn’t make sense to self-host things like analytics, but they could be shared across many individuals.
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i've been on fedi nearly three years now and for all its flaws, it's one of the most 'my-kind-of-people' places i've ever spent time online.

also, it's become difficult to imagine trying to nurture any meaningful conviviality or community in a medium driven and constantly interrupted by advertising.

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Really loving my GMMK keyboard. Have it for a month now and it's brilliant. I never thought I would get used to the awkward arrow keys but here we are.

Only downside I can think of is that it might be a bit heavy for lugging around, but I'll gladly suck it up.

A meeting of our team with a scrum consultant today had high quackery levels. Is Scrum Master the new Life Coach?

API's replacing null datetimes with timestamps pointing to the year 55320 are evil.

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Your password should include

- 1 lowercase letter
- 2 bits of punctuation
- 3 unprintables
- 4 spoilers for a running show
- 5 digits of pi
- 6 mystery characters
- 7 up
- 8 9s
- 9 pieces of wisdom
- 10 minute pauses
- 11 pronounced by a scot
- 12 elves

and a partridge in a pear tree

Tbf In that quote Bakunin referenced the rapper Sole who stated:

The phrases 'free' and 'friend' are linked / Its root means 'to be free' and 'have ties' / A shared power that grows, selfless / Means I’m only free if everyone else is

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I am truly free only when all human beings, men and women, are equally free.
-- Mikhail Bakunin

#anarchism #quote #bot

Plesk turned out to be too limited as well, for what I had in mind. Going on to research some docker management systems.

First up: portainer

dokku didn't work properly, yunohost is too limited, proxmox too advanced.

My goldilocks zone is shrinking rapidly.

are welcome

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i bet software quality would increase with no loss of ""productivity"" if it was common practice to budget 20% of a developer's time to study

and i dont mean (primarily) keeping up with new tech, libraries, and language features, etc

i mean drilling on core stuff and basics to stay fast and sharp, make sure you know why it works the way it does and you haven't accidentally absorbed any antipatterns

to bring you from "copy-paste and change a bit" to knowing the best way to build from scratch

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Some Mastodon 3.4.0 tweaks 

A few tweaks in the forthcoming Mastodon 3.4.0:

- new users can receive follow suggestions (it'll only suggest you if you've chosen your account to be discoverable, and you don't require follow request approval)

- "Lock account" is now "Require follow requests"

- when boosting, you can select Public/Unlisted/Followers-Only privacy for that boost

- When a post contains mentions of two or more users who have the same username, but on different domains, render their names with domain to help disambiguate them

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No one is illegal! The Detention Center of #Rotterdam has been around for more than a decade, playing a big role in the criminalization and marginalisation of #refugees. A cynical symbol of #neoliberalism, the de facto prison was the first Dutch detention center built with the help of private corporations.

It's a good example on how the pain and suffering of war torn human beings is just another source of income for our rich overlords.

Our home is our planet, not arbitrary lines drawn in the sand or fenced off by barbed wires.

Turn your anger into action: come to the demonstration, show solidarity with people imprisoned in DCR and raise your voice for a world without borders!

30-05-2021 at 13:00
Meijersplein Rotterdam

#noborders #immigration #borders #solidarity #detentioncenter #Netherlands #capitalism

Finally, after 6 years, someone recognized my (other) nickname as a Monty Python joke.

One of the later episodes of the Flying Circus so I guess that's why it took so long.

On one hand, super glad to have met him. On the other, a bit sad the run has ended. 😆

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I am as desirous of being a good neighbor as I am of being a bad subject.
-- Henry David Thoreau

#anarchism #quote #bot

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Give a man a program and he'll be frustrated for a day.
Teach a man to program and he'll be frustrated for the rest of his life.

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Bill Gates doesn't believe in sharing vaccines patents with "poor" countries not because he is a reptile. He is just a capitalist asshole. Capitalism is a shit system that rewards such people. #covid #billgates #capitalism

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thinking about the subset of users now forever trapped in an endless webinar

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