Finally getting annoyed at code style. That's my personal indication I'm settling in well at a new company.

Was challenging though, not many docs out there for GraphQL on Rails. Luckily among my colleagues there are some shoulders of awesome giants to stand on.

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Who painted pictures like this on rock walls in Norway 5000-8000 years ago?

Researchers are uncovering the mysteries of rock paintings millennia after they were created. More and more paintings are being discovered.


@signal9 hah! Been there before professionally, but come to think of it, it suits rather nicely indeed.

@judy absolutely, will do! I thought of one more question, something I really struggle with: how do you host a personal website?

I've seen so many stategies, and docker isn't really working out for me, so I'm wondering if I should struggle on, or try some kind of nginx/apache capistrano setup on a droplet. For one site at first, but I'd like to have the option to extend it to a few more.

@judy it helps a lot, thank you so much!

Eloquent Ruby is already in my list, but Design Patterns in Ruby looks awesome. Same for Growing Rails actually, so much appreciated!!

@judy ohno I won't treat you as I do StackOverflow 🤣

I've been thrown into the deep end at work with GraphQL and ElasticSearch, but I really like it. But it does mean SO is working overtime 🙂

Maybe one thing I would ask: as I've been downloading and buying a lot of ruby books, do you have any book you'd really recommend? Possibly one on pure ruby or a deep look at rails' inner workings?

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All my passwords are protected by amnesia.

A side effect of his books is the urge it throws up inside me to get back to writing myself.

I kinda stopped after writing one really good story. Don't really know why.

On a related topic, is there an English word for `faalangst`? Fear of failure or performance anxiety seem so unpoetic :)

Anyway, switched back to a Murakami book of short stories, always makes me feel right at home.

I just couldn't get into Campanella's The City of the Sun. Just reminded me too much of Utopia - even though that's one of my favourite books.

Am I missing something, should I persist?

@jasmine (a belated) Welcome to Mastodon!! I'm also interested in philosophy and politics, also a programmer, so I'd enjoy following you! Sending you a request now 🤞 😃

@judy Welcome to mastodon! I've recently gotten into ruby professionally so I'm eager to follow you and learn something! :)

I'm struggling setting up rails on docker on my ubuntu machine. Probably due to the awkward file permissions, but I'm forced to as the plan is to host it on a linux droplet. I'll keep on struggling I guess. There's no way I'll pay DO 5 bucks per project to use their pre-made rails "apps"

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James Cameron on why T-1000 was a cop 

From a 2010 book “The Futurist: The Life and Films of James Cameron” by Rebecca Keegan:

'"The Terminator films are not really about the human race getting killed of by future machines. They’re about us losing touch with our own humanity and becoming machines, which allows us to kill and brutalize each other,” he says. “Cops think all non-cops as less than they are, stupid, weak, and evil. They dehumanize the people they are sworn to protect and desensitize themselves in order to do that job.”'

@vindarel it really is. I had some notion of early history from Debt: The First 5000 Years but Dawn of Everything really turns all my notions upside down. I love when that happens :D

Headline from my native country of Belgium: People are spending less.

Not a little either, up to 30% less people on the high streets, 12% increase in sales of cheap knock-offs.

Thus it begins. Will it end with a bang, or with a whimper?

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:anarchiststar: Warning :anarchiststar:

You are now in Zapatista territory. Here it is the people who command, and the government obeys.

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Funny trivia:
The name of the archaic "Neanderthal" human subspecies, which died out about 40000 years ago comes from the "new-human valley",
as the name of the valley Neandertal simply means "Neander Valley" and Neander was renamed hundreds of years ago after a priest that liked the place, whose ancestor had changed the family name from native German "Neumann" which means "new man" in English, according to the trend of their times to a Greek-Latinized "Neander" ("neo"=Latin "new", "anthropos"=Greek "human").

That the subspecies happened to be found in a valley that had that name is of course purely by coincidence,
but the very old humans are by thus commonly called "new-human valley archaic humans".

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Last day of developing PHP at the old company yesterday!

On Monday my new adventure starts, developing GraphQL endpoints on Ruby on Rails, getting professional experience in Python (finally) and learning Go, all using TDD.

I couldn't be more excited!

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#Anarchism stands for the abolition of oppressive and exploitative social relations. It means the organiztion of an egaliterian, self-managed, and co-operative society.

Join you local anarchist group :anarchoheart3:

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