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what is the difference between "national socialism" and "state socialism"? "socialism in one country", even? considering all three refer to nation states, a necessary component of capitalism, and the proponents having committed virtually the same atrocities, i find no difference.

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A client of mine is hiring ~5 remote positions; all of which require 4+ years of production experience across the following specialities:

- Rails
- Security
- Frontend
- DevOps

The team is all very sweet, and ethnically and gender diverse. HMU via DM if you want links!


Boosts welcome!

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Anarchy will be instituted only by there being more and more people who do not require the protection of governmental power and by there being more and more people who will be ashamed of applying this power.
-- Leo Tolstoy

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Proxmox is driving me crazy. Not a long trip but still

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what kind of person hears "unemployment pays more than working" and thinks "we need to lower unemployment pay" instead of "we need to increase wages"

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Wat is de #FNV toch een nepvakbond!

Er is geen sprankje #antikapitalisme meer over in die club. Het nog meer beleggen van pensioengeld in aandelen, is exact het tegenoverstelde waar een #vakbond voor dient te staan! #FAIL ,,,

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Happy International Co-operatives Day! :TwinPines:

What are you doing today to celebrate economic democracy and inter-dependence? 🎆

I just noticed today this instance has been running for over a year. It flew by so quickly, never any downtime, any problems at all. Massive shout-out to @mastohost for their great service!

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DuckDuckGo burned a truckload of goodwill with me today

Their DDG-branded web browser for Android has a feature which [it doesn't matter what it does by design], but as a side effect it sends every URL you visited to DuckDuckGo's servers. That is the single worst thing they could do as a "privacy" focused web browser.

When this was pointed out to them, they doubled down. For a year. It took an HN front page (in the comments section they doubled down *again*) and 10 hours of arguing with them before the CEO stepped in and agreed to remove the feature.

8 days of notice period left, then 2 weeks holiday, one week prep at the new company's HQ, and I'll be from then on.

I guess I have Covid to thank for speeding up my plans by a few years. Funny how things go sometimes.

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Pretty cool how we can’t eat indoors at food places right now, but years of anti-homeless urban design mean there’s almost nowhere comfortable to eat outdoors either.

--Matt Ford

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To be governed is to be watched over, inspected, spied on, directed, legislated at, regulated, docketed, indoctrinated, preached at, controlled, assessed, weighed, censored, ordered about, by men who have neither the right, nor the knowledge, nor the virtue.
-- Pierre-Joseph Proudhon

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For anyone trying to overcome the primitivist fatalist depression, I can recommend Origins by Lewis Dartnell.

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Pendant le confinement, il y a des trucs assez chouettes qui sont apparus.

Notamment des tags sur des abribus, retro-éclairés quand la nuit tombe.

Je trouve ça trop beau. 😮

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Apparently, the uptake of Microsoft's "Windows Linux Subsystem" is miniscule despite it being blared from all MS PR speakers at full volume. Smart technologists realise that enclosing Linux within Windows is a stage in Embrace, Extend, Extinguish. Locking the magnificent eagle, symbol of freedom, into a dingy little cage... is not a compelling proposition. Just drop Windows and use Linux. Only a fool puts on the shackles voluntarily.

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29 mai, Twitter masque un tweet de Trump qui ne respecte pas ses règles d'utilisation (glorification de la violence). Le message n'est pas supprimé car "sa disponibilité peut présenter un intérêt pour le public"

5 juin, Twitter supprime un tweet de Trump. Pour quel motif ? Incitation à la haine ? Appel au meurtre ? Diffamation ? Ca doit être bien grave pour être supprimé, non ?

Le motif est : violation du droit d'auteur.

#SensDesPriorités #CopyrightMadness

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I see so many people trying to explain/apologize for various forms of violence whether it be breaking windows, starting fires, looting, or throwing shit at cops

coming up with stuff like "oh it's all provocateurs" or "it's white supremacists" or "oh it's mostly white people" and like

I don't get why everyone is scrambling to come up with excuses for why people who've been beaten down for centuries now wouldn't justifiably and understandably snap?

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I don't know who needs to hear this, but no one you will ever elect into any political office will ever declare the police a terrorist organization.

And they are.

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